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What It Is & How It Works!

Mobile Application for Self Storage ad Management

Adverank is a cutting-edge proptech solution for self-storage operators, offering advanced strategies to optimize daily pay-per-click (PPC) budgets. Using sophisticated algorithms, our platform provides data-driven recommendations to ensure your PPC campaigns are highly efficient. With expert management, engaging ad designs, and an enhanced social media presence, Adverank helps you save costs while boosting occupancy and brand visibility across multiple locations.

The 800-Pound Gorilla in Advertising 


Login to Entire Portfolio View

When you first log in to Adverank, you’ll see your entire portfolio view. Whether you manage one location or 101, we provide an average of your current overall occupancy. You'll also see your total net revenue across your portfolio and a key metric called portfolio opportunity cost. This number represents the potential revenue you could generate if all vacancies were converted into occupied units.


Browser Based Application

Welcome to Adverank, our powerful browser-based application! You can access Adverank anywhere you have a web browser—on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. We seamlessly integrate with your facility or property management software to pull in data daily. Plus, we're integrated with Google for even more functionality. Experience effortless data management with Adverank!


The Active Dashboard

When operators first log in to Adverank, they’re greeted with a comprehensive dashboard designed to drive occupancy. This next-level experience includes interactive graphs and charts that display occupancy trends over time. You can scroll through these visualizations to see how occupancy has changed, with the goal of seeing an upward trend indicating growth.

Filter the data to view trends from the last week, month, or year, giving you a clear picture of recent and long-term performance. The dashboard also provides detailed metrics on move-ins, move-outs, and daily vacancy costs. Additionally, you can see top-performing facilities for move-ins and move-outs.

With Adverank, you can instantly visualize the health of your portfolio and make data-driven decisions to optimize occupancy.


The Power of Adverank

Discover the true potential of Adverank when you access the "Adverank Rank" feature in our menu system. Here, we rank all the facilities in your portfolio, providing a daily, color-coded recommendation for each one.

For example, you'll see a list of facilities, each highlighted with a specific recommendation based on Adverank's daily calculations. If a facility could benefit from a budget increase for its Google ad campaign, we'll show you its current daily budget, current occupancy, and the suggested budget to attract more tenants.

Adverank doesn't just suggest increases; it also identifies facilities where you might want to reduce your Google ad spend. Using advanced AI, we analyze the past six weeks of occupancy growth and forecast six weeks into the future. If a facility's occupancy remains stagnant, color-coded in purple, we suggest alternative strategies like a 30-day social media ad campaign to boost growth.

We also identify stabilized locations, where pay-per-click advertising is already driving occupancy growth. For these, there's no need to adjust your budget or consider additional campaigns—they're performing as expected.

With Adverank, you get tailored, actionable insights to optimize your marketing efforts and drive occupancy across your entire portfolio.


Daily Email Alerts in Your Inbox

Stay informed with Adverank's daily email alerts. Every day, you'll receive an email summarizing the status of all locations in your portfolio. Before even logging into our application, you'll have a formatted and color-coded list in your inbox. This list highlights which locations might benefit from an increase in Google ad spend, where you might consider decreasing your spend, which locations could use a social media boost, and which are performing as expected. With these insights at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions quickly and easily.


The Individual Facility Workspace

With Adverank, you can dive into the details of any facility at any time. View occupancy rates and the factors driving these numbers, such as move-ins, move-outs, daily vacancy costs, and length of stay.

Adverank's power lies in its ability to set and chase occupancy goals. Using a simple sliding dial, you can set your target occupancy for each facility, whether it’s 49%, 70%, or 93%. Adverank then helps you achieve this target by monitoring key data points from Google, particularly the PPC shortfall.

The PPC shortfall indicates how many potential customers you're missing due to budget limitations on your Google ad campaigns. For example, if the PPC shortfall is 35.74%, it means you're missing out on about 36% of people searching for relevant keywords like "storage near me," "boat and RV storage," or "climate-controlled storage." To capture more leads, consider increasing your ad spend.

Adverank also tracks leads and converted leads, showing real-time reservations and tenant conversions from your property management software. You can analyze lead quality through metrics like lead conversion percentage and cost per lead, helping you decide if continuing with pay-per-click campaigns is worthwhile. The PPC shortfall remains a crucial metric, indicating the demand around your facility and guiding your advertising strategies to meet this demand effectively. 

Adverank Application for PPC for Self Storage

#1 Solution in Self Storage for Occupany Growth


Give a Social Boost a Try!

Adverank goes beyond pay-per-click advertising with our special product, Social Boost. Using advanced AI, we identify when a facility might benefit from a social media ad campaign instead of just PPC. If a location is flagged as stagnant—meaning its occupancy is projected to remain unchanged over the next six weeks—we recommend a targeted social media campaign.

Social Boost offers a 30-day campaign designed to give these facilities a much-needed boost. We provide a comprehensive campaign document that includes all the ads and aspect ratios for Meta (Facebook and Instagram), X, Spotify, YouTube, and the Google Display Network (GDN). This strategic approach helps accelerate occupancy growth and revitalize underperforming locations.

With Adverank's Social Boost, you can effectively diversify your advertising strategy and drive better results across your portfolio.

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