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Yes, We Integrate!

Self Storage Ad Management

Seamless Integration with Leading Property and Facility Management Systems


Adverank is a tech-enabled ad management platform developed by digital advertising experts, informed by top operators in the self-storage industry. Our innovative approach has revolutionized how operators attract and acquire customers through pay-per-click (PPC) and social media advertising.

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Adverank seamlessly integrates with all popular Property Management System (PMS) and Facility Management System (FMS) applications, including Tenant Inc., StorEDGE, Sitelink, and Self Storage Manager (SSM Cloud). Our proprietary algorithms analyze data from these systems and PPC spending across multiple locations within a portfolio, providing daily PPC recommendations through a mobile-enabled dashboard. This enables operators to optimize occupancy at individual locations, across geographic regions, or portfolio-wide.

In addition to PPC, Adverank offers social media advertising services with our Social Boost™ features, capturing new customers who exhibit interests and behaviors well-matched to storage, even if they aren’t actively searching.


By leveraging an operator’s own property management system data, digital marketplace data, and our advanced data analytics, Adverank enhances social, web, and digital marketing efforts, as well as Google Ads results. This leads to increased occupancy, accelerated lease-up, stabilization, and greater customer lifetime value. Real estate investors and those seeking venture capital funding particularly benefit from Adverank’s positive impact on IRR and ROI multiples, eliminating wasteful marketing spending and streamlining internal marketing processes.

Adverank's newest integration, Tenant, is self-storage software built by industry experts. It offers a comprehensive ecosystem to streamline your self-storage business, including the fastest e-commerce websites and robust property management tools. This integration ensures you have everything you need to efficiently run and grow your business.

Tenant, Inc.

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Adverank's easiest integration, storEDGE, is a cloud-based self-storage facility management software. Designed for agile teams, it helps streamline operations, increase revenue, and optimize time management. StorEDGE is ideal for efficiently managing your storage facilities with minimal hassle.


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Adverank's first integration, SiteLink Web Edition, is a global favorite for both single-store and large operators. Supporting multiple languages and unlimited users across various locations, SiteLink offers advanced tools and features, continually enhanced based on customer feedback. With over 15,000 operators benefiting from its capabilities, it remains a top choice in the industry.


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Adverank's most robust integration, Self Storage Manager, is a cloud-based management software for single and multi-facility operators. It includes electronic signature and digital lease storage, advanced revenue management, integrated credit card processing, and interfaces with leading gate systems and accounting software, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient facility management.

Self Storage Manager

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Adverank integrates with Google Ads to manage and optimize your ad campaigns. By monitoring demand signals within a geo-targeted area around your self-storage locations, Adverank advises on budget adjustments based on market demand. This core feature ensures your advertising efforts align with potential customers searching for self-storage services.


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Adverank is open to custom integrations, tailored to your unique needs. With the ability to integrate with any open Property or Facility Management System within two weeks, Adverank is ready to discuss and develop special integrations through open APIs. We are passionate about self-storage and eager to support your specific requirements.


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Full Integration With the Best!

Adverank offers seamless integration with top self-storage software, including Tenant, storEDGE, SiteLink, and Self Storage Manager (SSM Cloud), enhancing efficiency and revenue management. Our integration with Google Ads optimizes ad campaigns based on market demand signals. For unique needs, we provide custom integrations with any open Property or Facility Management System, demonstrating our commitment to flexibility and innovation in the self-storage industry. With Adverank, you benefit from the best integration solutions for streamlined operations and business growth.

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#1 Solution in Self Storage for Occupany Growth

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